Famly.Co App

Here at Funky Monkeys we make use of the famly.co platform to better enhance communication with parents, guardians and relatives of the children that we care for.

Famly allows you to see your child’s progress and daily activities¬†via an intuitive free app (available on iOS and Android). It also allows you to report absences and holidays as well as the ability to respond to updates that we have posted, you are able to message us with any questions or information for that day.

Famly allows us the opportunity to complete online observations and assessments to support the learning and development of each individual child. Being able to access this in real-time provides us with more crucial time with every child, whilst reducing our paperwork. The app also enables us to complete regular tracking and development and 2-year progress checks, which you will always have an opportunity to review

You are in control, your child’s information is kept secure and private unless we have had prior parent/guardian permission to share this information (with other parents that may be in the same photo or observation, with other educational settings, or other family members) – We will seek parent/guardian permission before any photos are shared on social media (e.g. to promote Funky Monkeys on other platforms). Liz, Marika, and Stacey are all registered with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) in connection with GDPR legislation.

Once your child has begun their care through us, we will send you an invitation request to view your child’s learning journey.

To find out more information about Famly, please click on their logo below