About the setting

The indoor space is extensive, with a substantial living room, a play room, large dining room and a separate bathroom for the children. Within our setting we offer a wide range of play activities including books, puzzles, board games play doh, drawing/painting/sticking, water and outdoor play, dressing up, cooking, electronic games console, role playing. We will provide aprons for messy work. TV and video/DVD are available, but restricted to suitable programmes. Different toys and games will be introduced dependant on age and developmental stage. Children are encouraged to choose their own activities during the day.

We have a big garden, with different areas, where children can play with toy cars, scooters, skates, balls, Connect 4 and large physical apparatus. During the summer, the children will be painting, reading or playing with water outside. Also we may eat lunch or snacks at the garden table or on the picnic mat. Visits to the park, shops and library form part of our daily activities, and are all excellent for young children to enjoy and develop. We attend trips with other local childminders and in the school holidays we will go on outings to castles, beaches and parks further afield.

Playing outside is fun, exciting and important for children’s learning and development and we strongly believe that there is no such thing as inappropriate weather just inappropriate clothing. 

A pet puppy called Cleo (Cleo is a Cavachon which is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Cross with a Bichon Frise – This breed do not moult and so there won’t be a problem with pet allergies) and tropical fish are also resident at the childminding setting.

Children are welcome to participate in the care of the animals, which might involve
feeding, handling, grooming or cleaning. We will teach children about hygiene and hand washing, the importance of treating animals with care and respect and the need to ask other pet owners for their permission to touch their animals.

Cleo The Puppy

Tropical fish tank